Sweets for the small boy in us

When I was a small boy, I had a certain strategy for decorating cupcakes (or “buns” as we called them then). When my mother would kindly bake a batch, I would choose one for myself and decorate it the way I liked. It was a simple strategy: cover the icing with a little bit of every kind of sprinkle we had on hand. Now Cadbury’s has created a new chocolate bar for the small boy in me: Marvellous Creations Cookie Nut Crunch.

Cadbury’s must know that inside all of us there lives still the small boy or little girl who would mix all their favourite things together. No matter how tooth-rottingly, sick-inducingly, palette-ruiningly bad it may be, smashing your face into a gluttonous confection of sugary glory is a veritable orgy for a child’s young senses.

Three of the things I most enjoy squashing into my mouth

And here’s a sweet for the small boy in me.  The Cookie Nut Crunch bar slathers classic Dairy Milk chocolate (not the best, I’ll grant, but it’ll do) over a generous pile of cookie pieces, crunchy caramel and roasted, caramelised hazelnuts.  Three of the things I most enjoy squashing into my mouth, all wrapped up in something I’d quite happily bathe in given the chance.

How does it taste?  Mostly sweet, with a hint of bitterness from the caramel.  Smooth, but with a good hard crunch within.  The texture benefits from three different kinds of crunch: the soft crumble of the cookies, the snap and chew of the caramel, and the sharp break of the nuts.

Cadbury’s has proudly stuffed it with so much yumminess

So as a successful melding of all sorts of wonderful things, it’s a good product.  It’s also a clever product.  The branding marks it as a sweet for grown-ups, but the ridiculous degree to which Cadbury’s has proudly stuffed it with so much yumminess seems designed to delight the small boy inside every adult man, make him grin, make him buy, make him bite, and make him grin again.

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